Your car’s paintwork is exposed to all sorts of damage and abuse on a daily basis. Strong UV rays, harsh chemicals, bug splatter, bird dropping or road salt… These are just some of the factors that may lead to oxidation, etching or swirls in your paint making protection crucial.

Gyeon provides tailor-made solutions, based on sophisticated ceramic (SiO2) technology.

Protect your car against environmental impact and daily abuse on the road. Enhance gloss, colour and provide great self-cleaning abilities.

Your Gyeon Certified Detailer will present the most suitable option for your vehicle’s lifestyle.

Durability: from 3 years up to Infinite Warranty


The correct maintenance is crucial. No matter if done periodically with one of our Certified Detailers or at home with
our maintenance products, the right routine will allow to keep gloss and great protection for years.

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